Green Hornet 3D

Ok so I went and saw it tonight. I actually was not expecting much from Seth Rogen.  I was surprised it was not your cookie cutter Marvel\DC movie.  It was really funny, I found the humor crass at times but then subtle and witty.  It had a balance of one liners and on going story line jokes. I know that die-hard Green Hornet fans will not pleased as it is a huge departure from the original source material. I will say that the story was very straight forward and did not offer much depth, any one looking for that in this movie has never heard of Seth Rogen. I have read several blips about a Kevin Smith script that was not used and I have no doubt it would have been good as he is excellent at comics. As for the 3D, many people seem to hate 3D and complain that it is fad. Well I am sure they said that about talking pictures and color TV. For money I enjoy those few moments where something jumps out of the screen. This particular film had its 3D done in post so it did not have the pop that say Avatar did.  It felt to me that there were some effect shots added later for 3D pop.  For me I like the movies that were not shot in 3D as the shots seem to be actually cinematography and not set ups for the 3D. When it is shot in 3D yes it looks better but the shots seem setup for 3D.  For my money I want the directors vision of the scene and not what can be done with the effect. I have no background in film other than I like to watch them and I type…well sort and I am still working on this whole grammar thing.


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