Death of TV Science Fiction

Are we witnessing the death of spaced based science fiction on television? Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of good solid non spaced based science fiction shows on TV right now. But I am a space junky and have very few options on TV right now. I think V is excellent and SGU was just getting good and its cancelled but there it ends. Even stations like SyFy have very few offerings.  There is Battlestar Blood and Chrome which should be pretty good. So what is to blame for this dirth of Space goodness….or more to the point who really cares.  If your still reading this you must be a geek like me but well on to the point. I blame Star Trek, for years Star Trek had a death hold on the syfy community. Pretty much you got the table scraps if you launched a show during the Star Trek reign. Now that Star Trek is no longer on TV outside of re-runs. The fans have kind of scattered in their TV watching (or grown up) in any case thats the problem I see. When a good TV show comes on we are not united in tuning in. In todays media consumption we Hulu, Tivo,Vudu our TV shows instead of tuning in at the scheduled time.  Whatever the affect on TV it is interesting to think about. We are already seeing web enabled TVs so is the next step is web based only TV?  Thats it for me and my soapbox tonight.


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