Thor (No Spoiler Review)

So I love superhero movies and television shows. Superhero’s have been a huge thing for me. Strangely however I am not into comic books, the source of most superheros. I was when I was younger which is where the majority of my limited knowledge is based.  I even love the superhero lore. With that being said I can now give my review of the movie without the pretense that I am some comic book expert.

I enjoyed Thor I found lots in it that I really liked and some things I could have done without.  To start off the pacing dynamic of the movie was a little chaotic to me. It just did not feel like a smooth arc but more of a jagged up and down. At first when I read that Helmsworth was playing Thor I did not buy it, but he really owned that part and became what I had in my mind as Thor. As for Portman, I could have cared less about her character who after an hour and 59 minutes  I can’t even remember her name,  says a lot….no cracks about short term memory loss!!!!  Hopkins as Odin was brilliant he really pulled all the Asgard set pieces around his performance. As for the actor that played Loki he was too flat for my tastes. His story line was interesting but was ready for someone a little larger in actor stature than what we got.

I found the costuming and set pieces both real and the CGI to be really well done. As the fly over of Asgard was taking placed I was not looking for effects but was more paying attention to the detail of the buildings and structures.  The armor felt just right for Norse inspired with a Magic\Science\Technology feel to it. I think Marvel and DC have both done good by its fans for not changing everything about the appearance of our beloved heroes.  Although I am not to thrilled with the new or I guess you could say old look of Captain America even if I agree with why he looks that way in the upcoming film.

The dialog was a cut above the standard hero speech usually found in this type of movie. This is a credit to Kenneth Branagh’s direction and some very good screen writing. The action sequences were enjoyable but suffered from the all to common shaky camera effect that too many directors rely on for pacing action scenes. I like to see clean clean action shots. I should add that I saw this in 2D which left out some of the nuances of the action sequences obviously filmed with a mind towards 3D. The 2D vs 3D debate we will leave for another time.

Finally the clip I so patiently waited through the entire credit roll did not have the payoff some of the other Marvel movies have had, but is forgivable being that they had a nice speaking cameo for Jeremy Renner the soon to be Hawkeye in the up coming avengers earlier in the meeting.

All in all I liked this movies and if I had to rate it 1 out of 10, it would be a strong 7


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