Three Musketeers

Just saw The Three Musketeers At the Galaxy Theater in Riverbank. We chose to see it in 2D but sitting in D-FX seats (motion seats). Let me rave a little about the D-FX experience. 3D has long been touted as the end all in immersive media and I am actually a fan of well done 3D.
D-FX seating technology is way more enjoyable than 3D and adds so much to the movie experience. I think this translates well to action movies. However maybe not so much with a romantic comedy or worse. Brokeback Mountain…”how come this chair keeps poking me in the butt”

Now on to what I thought about the movie. I Really dig the whole Three Musketeers story and typically the worst of these I enjoy. Until now the version with Keifer Sutherland was in my top 5 favorite movies. This new version is a perfect re-telling with out total disrespecting the source material. It’s been updated with some pretty good period fantasy tech. The key characters are who they should be and act how you would expect them to. With that being said they managed to keep exciting and relevant. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good time.


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