Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows

As always I try not to have any spoilers.  You can take this as I am considerate or on the other hand it makes for an easy review so I might also be lazy.

If you liked the first one then you will surly like this outing which is more a part 2 then another movie. This is not necessarily a bad thing especially in this case where I think it was a solid part 2. Downey and Law proved once again that the buddy action comedy is not dead. Its fun to watch them interact two very different actors with tremendous chemistry. Although Jared Harris did a good job playing Professor James Moriarty I think a younger more vital actor might have been a better choice as he has a very subtle stage presence. In any case the story was well written and had all the trappings you would find in true Holmes tale. The pacing was right in keeping with the first movie. Guy Richie continued to use the narrative fight sequences but did not over do it. My one negative from the way the story unfolded was that the exchange between Holmes and Moriarty felt forced and overly scripted a forgivable sin when making a sequel to a movie about a character so beloved and depicted in both movies and TV many times over. All my English friends will probably and shun me but I think Downey is my favorite Holmes.


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  1. Haha the English don’t usually like Downey Jr. as Holmes, do they? 😉

    Nice review, I hope to catch a showing of this one soon!

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