Burn Notice

I recently stumbled onto this show looking for something different from my typical syfy shows. I had recently watched a few hours of the Kennedy’s with Jeffery Donovan playing Bobby Kennedy and liked his character acting skills. The basic premise for Burn Notice is Jeffery Donovan plays Michael Westen a spy who got put on a Burn Notice. Basically they took all the spy resources away and dumped him in his home town Miami. He survives by doing impossible jobs for desperate people in Miami with a team of misfits.

Jeffery Donovan as Michael Westen a burned spy working to get back in while being a help for hire to the people of Miami.

Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne, Michael’s ex sometimes not so ex girlfriend who happens to be a gunrunner\Explosive Expert.

Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe, Michael’s buddy who is a retired spook and former Navy Seal who used to inform on Michael to the FBI..

Sharon Gless as Madeline Westen, she is Michael’s mom.

Coby Bell as Jesse Porter a counter intelligence spy Michael inadvertently burned.

The show is made up of relatively unknowns except for Bruce Campbell who plays Sam Axe and Sharon Gless who plays Michael’s mom Madeline. These veteran actors add weight to this show that without them might be a little thin on the familiar face category. Don’t confuse “unknown” with “untalented”. Jeffery Donovan is a fantastic actor who can really play any character with depth. In Burn Notice because he goes undercover so often in the show you get to see him play lots of different types of characters. The incomparable Bruce Campbell who to be honest is a horrible actor but his charm and charisma wins you over making it easy to overlook his acting. I would say the jewel of this show is Madeline Westen played by Sharon Gless who is as incredibly talented actress. The relationships the writers provide her with are some of the best moments in this show.

Every episode has two story arcs the short story arc which is typically resolved in one or 2 episodes these are referred to in the show as “jobs” and they come from every member of the team. They involve tasks from rescuing kidnapped children to toppling drug kingpins. It is hear that we see a lot of character acting ranging from a good ole boy wheel man to a psycho hitman. Then there is the long story arc which has evolved from getting unburned to saving the people that burned him and more. This arc is moved along in small bits each episode following a discovery and revealed type format.

For my money I could not get enough of this show and managed to watch the first 4 seasons in a little over a month. I love the relationships between the team and how Michael has a set of rules which are revealed as a clever running commentary as a voice over during each episode. The special effect budget for this show must be pretty high as there are always blowing things up and showing off all sorts of weapons.


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