What Movies Are You Looking Forward To?

We are two months into 2012 and several months away from the world ending.  All jokes aside this is a big year for movies and I want to know what your top five movies are for this year and why if your so inclined.

  1. Act of Valor: Movie just looks awesome, plus it has the cool factor of having active duty Navy Seals so there is realism.
  2. Avengers: We have waited a long time to see this movie and with Joss at the helm it should be pretty cool.
  3. Dark Knight Rises: Batman is in my opinion one of the coolest non meta human heroes out there. He has no powers but still gets it done.
  4. Hobbit Part 1: One word “Smaug”
  5. Star Wars Phantom Menace: Say what you will about this movie and Jarr Jarr but it’s the first time we see lightsabers in 3d and I am pretty stoked.

I know I have probably missed some really critical movies for this upcoming year so I leave it to you to fill in the blanks.


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