Star Wars Episode I Phantom Menace 3D

So like lots of other people I sat down and strapped on a pair of Darth Maul 3D glasses and settled in to watch a movie I had seen at least a dozen times. To be honest like a lot of Star Wars fans this is my least favorite out of the 6 films. Jar Jar annoys me but for the most part it is Jake Lloyd’s performance as Anakin that ruins this movie for me. But this is not a review on the movie but rather on the adaptation to 3D.

As I expected like all mixed live and CGI footage movies the 3D on the CGI is night and day better. This creates a problem for Star Wars as the contrast between 3D CGI and live 3D was a bit disjointing. At times I felt like I was looking at a popup book and the live action characters were the static background and the CGI were all the pop ups. The colors on the non-rendered sets appeared washed out and somewhat dull.  Which stood in stark contrast with the crisp clean look of the recently released Blu Ray editions, no matter your feelings on the changes Lucas made you have to admit the they were shiny (yes I am huge Firefly Fan). I am not sure if it was just my viewing but the 3D seemed to cause parts of the movie to be blurry and slightly out of focus. I am hoping it is my theater and not the print itself.

Over all I think there was some enhancement to the Star Wars viewing experience in the 3D conversion, if nothing else to satisfy my curiosity on what a good space flight battle would look like in 3D.  For me my money is on Blu Ray for best quality viewing and for the most authentic to the original the Laser Disc versions of IV,V and VI which offer the ultimate in original unchanged Star Wars.


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