Spider Man

So I finally got a chance to watch the latest iteration of our web slinging crime fighter. I can tell you I went to this with some heavy preconceptions that its a teenie movie. I was reminded by a friend that it is a comic book movie and by design is geared to a younger audience. With that behind me I watched the film. I typically enjoy remakes not because there good movies but because I enjoy that moment when they tip the hat to the original and then move on to there new film. This version of spider man really capture one essence of the comic book spider man……his wise assness. The whole movie is filled with comments that made me think spider man. Visually the movie is stunning, I watched on BluRay and was blown away with its crisp action sequences and the use of first person while transversing roof tops. The fight sequences which appear to be largely CGI really show spider man’s fighting style. He fights like a spider would. I really liked that they went back to the mechanical versions of the web and not the lame from his wrist’s webs from the previous movie. The plot was the typical origin story and did not stray far from the accepted ethos of comic book lore.

All in all I would call this a should watch if you missed it on the big screen. Not sure the replay value after seeing it once.


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