The Hobbit 3D

Went to see the hobbit in standard 3D. First thing I noticed was the theater was empty for the 6:45 showing in a town of just shy of 80k population this was surprising. Typically in my smallish city of Turlock, the theater its typically packed on opening night.

As for the movie as a movie it was very good. There was plenty of story, emotional content and action to satisfy the average movie lover. I think however if your a Tolkien fan especially the Hobbit you might have some issues with license Jackson takes in retelling this beloved story. I will not go into all the details however I’m pretty sure Galadriel is not in the book to my memory.

The 3D was really well done in places and not so much in others. I found myself dizzy in more the one place in the movie and amazed at the depth in others. I will say that even at 24 frames a second the color was vibrant and picture was crisp, in fact it was the best color I have seen in a 3D movie.  Through out the movie when ever it was blurry or even choppy I wondered would this happen in the 48 frames per second. I will have to see to make a judgement.

All in all it was a great movie with some pacing issues and story liberties taken by Jackson. I would suggest seeing it in standard non 3d if your prone to get dizzy as it is close to 3 hours.


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