House of Cards an Original Netflix Production

Netflix Produces House of Cards

“Francis Underwood is Majority Whip. He has his hands on every secret in politics – and is willing to betray them all to become President” – IMDB

Netflix has launched out into producing its own content. You would expect its freshmen entry into television to be something light and easy like a sitcom. That is not what Netflix has done they have come out of the box swinging and in my opinion they succeeded with House of Cards a gritty political drama with Kevin Spacey bringing his signature brand of character acting.
I started this last night and I can’t say I was surprised at the high production values and incredible acting. The story starts out the Majority Whip getting snubbed as Secretary of State and unfolds as he plans and plots his way apparently towards the Oval Office. Kevin Spacey as always brings his A+ game delivering smooth character acting. He is the type of actor where you forget the characters he has played in the past as he becomes Francis Underwood. He is supported by Robin Wright a fantastic actress in her own right who could easily be a star of her own shows. She plays Francis’s wife Claire a cold as ice, do anything to see him succeed women. The story also orbits a young blogger named Zoe Barnes from the Washington Herald who Francis is using played by the very young but very talented Kate Mara. They like to use her sex appeal as a draw for the show and a plot device.
All and all I like the show and would recommend it to anyone that likes a political drama with strong acting and a good paced story.


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