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Now You See Me

So if you are a fan of buddy crime flicks like the Ocean’s series or if you like cool magic tricks then I think you will like this. I would not say this was a blockbuster only pulling in a little over 117 million but it had some decent star power with Morgan Freeman and Woody Harellson to add that seasoned actor vibe. Over the last few years I have enjoyed Woody’s movies and am very much looking forward to him returning as Haymitch Abernathy in Catching Fire. I was not crazy about Mark Ruffalo prior to this movie but I think I am warming up to his grumpy not really a star vibe. Jesse Eisenberg plays “J. Daniel Atlas” one of the magicians. For me he is one of those actors I don’t actually like but tend to like the movies he gets cast in because there interesting and sometimes relevant. There are some other up an coming actors in this as well. For me I waited till I could pay 1.69 at Redbox but would not have been upset had I paided full price at the theater.

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