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House of Cards an Original Netflix Production

Netflix Produces House of Cards

“Francis Underwood is Majority Whip. He has his hands on every secret in politics – and is willing to betray them all to become President” – IMDB

Netflix has launched out into producing its own content. You would expect its freshmen entry into television to be something light and easy like a sitcom. That is not what Netflix has done they have come out of the box swinging and in my opinion they succeeded with House of Cards a gritty political drama with Kevin Spacey bringing his signature brand of character acting.
I started this last night and I can’t say I was surprised at the high production values and incredible acting. The story starts out the Majority Whip getting snubbed as Secretary of State and unfolds as he plans and plots his way apparently towards the Oval Office. Kevin Spacey as always brings his A+ game delivering smooth character acting. He is the type of actor where you forget the characters he has played in the past as he becomes Francis Underwood. He is supported by Robin Wright a fantastic actress in her own right who could easily be a star of her own shows. She plays Francis’s wife Claire a cold as ice, do anything to see him succeed women. The story also orbits a young blogger named Zoe Barnes from the Washington Herald who Francis is using played by the very young but very talented Kate Mara. They like to use her sex appeal as a draw for the show and a plot device.
All and all I like the show and would recommend it to anyone that likes a political drama with strong acting and a good paced story.


‘Do No Harm’ Canceled: NBC Pulls Jekyll And Hyde Show After Two Episodes

Did anyone actually watch this. I heard about it but it just seemed a little boring not to mention it was poorly advertised.

‘Do No Harm’ Canceled: NBC Pulls Jekyll And Hyde Show After Two Episodes.

Stephen King’s Under the Dome

I recently finished this book and the my immediate thought was that it would make a fantastic mini series. Watching the not so Super Bowl yesterday there was a very non descriptive add for Under the Dome.  After further digging I found out that CBS is producing this mini series. I have some real concerns about CBS doing this. Anyone that has read the book knows that a lot of the subject matter would not fly in primtime and would have to be cut. I would think Showtime or HBO would be a better fit. In any case I am excited to see how it turns out.

Here is a link I found on the CBS website.

1313 Mockingbird Ln “New Munsters”

OK this show flew right under my radar. I am watching the pilot as I write this. It is something like a car accident. So bad I can’t stop watching it. Jerry O’Connell as Herman Munster is a good choice, solid veteran sci fi actor. As for Eddie Lizard being cast as Grandpa, well that will remain to be seen. Then there is the brilliantly funny and beautiful Portia due Rossi as Lily.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Mob Doctor

Ever wonder what you would get if you crossed Grays Anatomy with The Sopranos. You end up with the Mob Doctor. Three episodes in and the show is evolving into a deep and rich story with multiple angles. The blend of medical and mob works very well. I like that it’s the Chicago mob and not New York.

Getting Caught Up

Alright, I have fallen behind a little on my TV viewing. So here goes, started with the Last Resort. The second episode actually stepped it up a notch. We are still in the getting to know you phase. Some character depth is being developed in this last episode. Interestingly enough the lead has yet to capture my interest but the supporting cast is very strong.

Just finished up with Fringe and as with all previous seasons I have been drawn into the story. Fringe has a way of making me invested in the characters and in what happens to them.

I gave Elementary a second look and my original take on it stands. It lacks depth and the characters are boring…..unless your super bored I would not bother

Watch “THE NEIGHBORS Trailer – ABC [HD]” on YouTube

This UFO slipped past my radar but has now landed in my Hulu queue. It is out of this world funny. If you liked Galaxy Quest you will like this show.

Watching.This Week

So last week started some new shows and some returning favorites.

What are you excited about watching this week?

Watch “Fringe Season 5 Trailer (HD)” on YouTube

Friday was the starter for the final season of Fringe. This season appears to take place in a future where the observers have taken over the planet. There appears to be a resistance movement fighting the observers and Olivia and Peter’s daughter is in the thick of it.

I must say this was a fantastic start. It was full of action and enough questions and answers to reveal and drive the story further than ever before.


Elementary is the updating of Sherlock Holmes to the 21st century in New York. My first question is do we really need a new take on the intrepid detective? I have been enjoying the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson. In this new version which stars Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson. So far in the pilot episode it has been standard Sherlock being smarter than everyone and not really being challenged. The thing it is missing is the science to back up his assertions. In establishing his character they are focusing on his drug use and recovery. So far John Lee Miller’s presence as Holmes has not resonated with me as a strong character. In fact I am finding him annoying and not in the cool House MD way. As always Lucy Liu does a fine job acting as long as you ignore she is trying to play Watson. Girl or guy Watson does not matter to me; all I need from a Watson is good banter without it the dynamics are off.  If there is any sexual tension between them it is over for me.

Following the Twitter feed on the show, the general consensus is it is not a good as the BBC version. People had problems with the writing expressing it was too simple and lacked imagination. I am feeling the same way about this latest iteration.

Will I continue watching? I think so for a couple of episodes but I doubt it has legs to make it more than 1 season.

What do you think about the show?


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