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Metallica 30 Years Party Highlights

It is a rare that after 30 years a band is still together let alone thriving and actively touring. But that is what Metallica is all about perseverance through adversity. From the expulsion of lead guitarist Dave Mustain (Megadeth) to the death of Cliff Burton one of the most prolific bass players every to strap on the 4 string they go one. I was lucky enough through the MetClub (Metallica Fan Club) and a good friend to attend the December 5th and 7th shows.

It has been many years since I had seen them in concert and I did not know what to expect. In my youth I attended many metal shows and my primary diet was Metallica, Iron Maiden and Megadeth. I can remember the surge of energy when the Ecstasy of Gold would play, a kind of call to arms for us Metallica fans. Although they did not open with the Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone which is the theme to “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” the energy was there.

At least for me there is something that happens at a Metallica show that is unlike anything I have experienced musically. There is a moment during those first seconds where because of the energy and emotion of the crowd that it almost feels like I am about to be overcome. I have talked to other Metallica fans and I am not alone in this unique moment.

It is not right to call this a concert as it was more like this really awesome birthday party for a friend you have had a long time. Anytime the band came out to muse or play there was this comfort level that I have never seen at any concert. I am not saying they were lax or mailing it in because they were on their game and so was everyone that made appearances. The only one who did not sound that great was Kid Rock but he made up for it in love for the guys and his tremendous stage presence.

As for guests there are too many to list and you can go to to see all the particulars for each night. I think for me the highlight was seeing Jason Newsted play with the guys again. On December 7 th I Armored Saint had done there set and the singer John Bush was walking through the hallway and I stopped and got to shake his hand and compliment him on his set and tell him I saw them at One Step Beyond in the early nineties

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