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Getting off the Grid…Sort of

So recently I enabled a Hulu+ account which got me thinking about how much do I actually need that monthly $50.00 dish bill.  I have Hulu, Netflix, Crackle and Amazon Prime totalling $21.00 a month. This combination covers old TV movies to new aired last night network shows. With Amazon Prime you have lots of options including paying for the latest movie releases.

The draw back to this is really sports programming. Due to customized pay to watch packages like Sunday Ticket, Red Zone and the others of its type . Most sports fans have come to rely on watching sports ala cart instead of on regular network TV.

So what do you think? Could you go off the so-called grid?




Format Change

As you may have noticed things look a little different and the name has changed. With this my focus is changing to blogging about movies and other related media things. I will be adding posts based on my Netflix viewing experience so look for different thoughts and musings.

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