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So I started watching Alcatraz and I have to say I am hooked in fact I was up late last night trying to get caught up it is that good. The premise is when they closed Alcatraz in the sixties and transferred all the inmates they actually did something else to a group of them. Of course this being a JJ Abrams production I am 4 episodes deep and still have no idea what is really going on. Although it almost feels like a Lost spinoff with Jorge Garcia and bright golden lights behind doors. The premise in a nut shell is that these prisoners are coming back to present time without aging and they have an agenda which they achieve by continuing there baddie ways. Each episode focuses on catching one of the 69s which is what they are called in the show and moving the main story line forward. The story centers on Doctor Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia from Lost) and Detective Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones). These two are an unlikely pair, a young not by the book detective and Doctor Diego a criminologist who wrote a detailed book on the inmates of Alcatraz. The book is a plot device they use to fill in the blanks where there would be a complete dead end in the investigations. They have an FBI handler named Emerson Hauser who has a secret that they have not yet revealed played by one of my favorite actors Sam Neill.

I am really looking forward to seeing where this story takes us, so if your a Nielson rating person remember to tune and get this excellent show some ratings.

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