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Romantic movies are not my thing unless they come with a heavy dose of comedy. What movies are you watching tonight ?


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Argo Cast Living Room Still - H 2013

The awards darling is making a brave comeback at the box office as Warner Bros. promises, "We’ll keep it in theaters right through the Oscars."

BERLIN — Ben Affleck’s is making box office history as it hits $200 million in worldwide ticket sales.

The Oscar best picture contender, picking up one trophy after another, has earned nearly $124 million domestically and $76.1 million internationally.

PHOTOS: ‘Argo’s’ Leading Man, Director and Oscar-Baiting Auteur

Over the weekend, Warner Bros. upped theater count from roughly 900 locations to 1,405, almost unheard of in a film’s 18th week in release (opened Oct. 12). The film grossed $2.4 million to land back on the top 10 chart in the No. 8 slot.

On the eve of the Oscar nominations and Golden Globe ceremony in early January, was playing in only 302 theaters, but Warners slowly started adding locations. won the Globe for best motion picture…

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House of Cards an Original Netflix Production

Netflix Produces House of Cards

“Francis Underwood is Majority Whip. He has his hands on every secret in politics – and is willing to betray them all to become President” – IMDB

Netflix has launched out into producing its own content. You would expect its freshmen entry into television to be something light and easy like a sitcom. That is not what Netflix has done they have come out of the box swinging and in my opinion they succeeded with House of Cards a gritty political drama with Kevin Spacey bringing his signature brand of character acting.
I started this last night and I can’t say I was surprised at the high production values and incredible acting. The story starts out the Majority Whip getting snubbed as Secretary of State and unfolds as he plans and plots his way apparently towards the Oval Office. Kevin Spacey as always brings his A+ game delivering smooth character acting. He is the type of actor where you forget the characters he has played in the past as he becomes Francis Underwood. He is supported by Robin Wright a fantastic actress in her own right who could easily be a star of her own shows. She plays Francis’s wife Claire a cold as ice, do anything to see him succeed women. The story also orbits a young blogger named Zoe Barnes from the Washington Herald who Francis is using played by the very young but very talented Kate Mara. They like to use her sex appeal as a draw for the show and a plot device.
All and all I like the show and would recommend it to anyone that likes a political drama with strong acting and a good paced story.

Bradley Cooper Moving Forward with American Sniper Movie

In the wake of the recent tragic shooting deaths of Chris Kyle the author of the best seller American Sniper and Chad Littlefield another Navy Seal, actor Bradley Cooper announces that he is moving ahead with a movie based on the book.  Jason hall is writing the screen play.

Chris Kyle
Christopher Scott “Chris” Kyle was a United States Navy SEAL and the most lethal sniper in American military history, with 160 confirmed kills, although these statistics have not been released by the Pentagon. Wikipedia

‘Do No Harm’ Canceled: NBC Pulls Jekyll And Hyde Show After Two Episodes


Did anyone actually watch this. I heard about it but it just seemed a little boring not to mention it was poorly advertised.

‘Do No Harm’ Canceled: NBC Pulls Jekyll And Hyde Show After Two Episodes.

Stephen King’s Under the Dome

I recently finished this book and the my immediate thought was that it would make a fantastic mini series. Watching the not so Super Bowl yesterday there was a very non descriptive add for Under the Dome.  After further digging I found out that CBS is producing this mini series. I have some real concerns about CBS doing this. Anyone that has read the book knows that a lot of the subject matter would not fly in primtime and would have to be cut. I would think Showtime or HBO would be a better fit. In any case I am excited to see how it turns out.

Here is a link I found on the CBS website.


Happy Birthday George Romero

Happy Birthday and thank you for all the scares.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) Poster

New Look

Switching it up and decided to change the theme. Let me know what you all think.

The Hobbit 3D

Went to see the hobbit in standard 3D. First thing I noticed was the theater was empty for the 6:45 showing in a town of just shy of 80k population this was surprising. Typically in my smallish city of Turlock, the theater its typically packed on opening night.

As for the movie as a movie it was very good. There was plenty of story, emotional content and action to satisfy the average movie lover. I think however if your a Tolkien fan especially the Hobbit you might have some issues with license Jackson takes in retelling this beloved story. I will not go into all the details however I’m pretty sure Galadriel is not in the book to my memory.

The 3D was really well done in places and not so much in others. I found myself dizzy in more the one place in the movie and amazed at the depth in others. I will say that even at 24 frames a second the color was vibrant and picture was crisp, in fact it was the best color I have seen in a 3D movie.  Through out the movie when ever it was blurry or even choppy I wondered would this happen in the 48 frames per second. I will have to see to make a judgement.

All in all it was a great movie with some pacing issues and story liberties taken by Jackson. I would suggest seeing it in standard non 3d if your prone to get dizzy as it is close to 3 hours.

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey

So what flavor will you be seeing this weekend. If Peter Jackson has it his way you will be the higher frame rate 3D version. The standard is 24 frame per second, Jackson is pushing it to whopping 48 FPS. The concept is that the higher frame rates allow both eyes which when watching 3d are getting to slightly different pictures a smoother picture eliminating some of the artifacting and washed colors of standard 3d. Some early reviews are saying that it gives the movie a strange almost plastic look.  If you see it this weekend please come back and let us know what version you watched and what you thought.


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